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this street is not a market, i am not a commodity

this has been circulating in my mind the past few weeks....
"i want you to pay me for my beauty, i think it's only right, because I have been paying for it all of my life" (ani difranco)
anyone else understand this? or feel like this?
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I understand it...it's intriguing. Perhaps I think about it differently.

Think about how you can't go to the gym wearing a sports bra because of the way men will glare at your breasts as they bounce, the way that girls with no boobs feel envious, but how they can get away with wearing a tank top and NOT being called a slut. And how all the pretty girls are "bitches" and all the ugly girls are...well, forgotten. And how we starve and binge and starve again just to maintain some fucked up image of what other people think we should look like.

That's what I get out of it.
I completely understand where you're coming from. What I feel more strongly about is how women are treated BC of their beauty, like they are expected to act/feel/be a certain way, and they just have to accept how people treat them, and not be offended when people treat them disrespectfully, the way they suffer bc of it, and this is sort of saying....give me what's owed to me, give me my respect and dignity..
I get the latter part, but I get tripped up at "I want you to pay me." It just seems kind of circular to say "Look, this is what I've been paying for, I didn't ask for it, I think you should pay me for all this hell I've gone through because of it." What it makes me wonder is who she's directing the comment towards, who is she asking to shoulder the blame for the concept of beauty that was forced on her by society?